Important HOA Policies the Board Should Think About

Published: 07/19/2021

- by Alana Ashby

     Dispute resolution and complaint policy. HOAs should make clear how residents can complain about issues that arise within the community.

     Email policy. It is important to put an email policy in place so communication between board members and homeowners is effective.

     Social media policy. HOA Facebook pages or other social media pages should be used to keep residents updated and prohibit foul language, personal attacks, rants, and aggressive behavior.

     Regulations for meetings and minutes. Each HOA board should establish regulations for how long these meetings should take and how much time should be spent on each subject. Your HOA should also have a set of guidelines for the proper way to record meeting minutes. 

     Pet policy. HOAs should establish where pets are allowed to be, pet waste policies, and noise policies relating to pets.

     Assessment collection policy. This should include information on how to calculate assessments, how to collect them, and what to do about homeowners who fail to pay them.

     Towing policy. It is beneficial to have a clear policy about towing with signage around the community. If residents are made aware of the rules, they will be able to give their guests the right recommendations to avoid getting towed.     


Alana Ashby, CMCA and owner of AMI, helped to establish and served as a Board Member for Community Associations Institute (CAI) Idaho Chapter. Alana has extensive experience in all aspects of financial management, real estate development and management, as well as negotiation.

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